Skin Magical Set #1


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Skin Magical Benefits:

Rejuvenates and lightens skin
Erases dark spots and blemishes
Exfoliates dead skin cells, wrinkles and scars
Moisturizes and soothes the skin
Great for sensitive and irritated skin
Dries pimples fast
– for mild pimples
– whitening
– blooming effect
– pinkish glow effect
– tightens skin and pores


Rejuvenating Soap (Extra Strength) 150g – for cleaning and micro-peeling dead skin cells.
Rejuvenating Toner 60ml – removes deep-seated dirt. It has whitening, anti-wrinkle and anti-acne ingredients.
Age Eraser Collagen Cream – this cream replaces collagen to prevent wrinkles due to aging and pollution.
Rejuvenating Cream – moisturizes the skin. It also contains whitening and anti-wrinkle ingredients.
Smoothening Sunblock Cream – protects the skin from harmful Ultraviolet Rays causing sunburn and wrinkles.