Sebo De Macho 25g



This is an ointment cream that you apply to your skin to prevent new wounds from becoming scars. Apollo Sebo de Macho, a cream-like topical ointment that is for all types of wounds like bruises, abrasions, contusions, grazes or any type of wound in which the topmost layer of your skin is scraped off. Don’t apply it to a fresh bloody wound but wait until the wound is about to dry and heal or about to form a scab then apply it over and around the healing dry wound. Apply it regularly as often as you want until you see your skin completely healed and back to normal color. Depending on how big your wound is, it usually takes 2 weeks for a small bruised skin to be back to normal after applying Sebo de Macho. Made from mutton’s tallow (sheep’s fat). This product is not for old scars but to prevent new wounds from becoming scars.