Jelly Powder Lychee 15g Nutrijell



Jelly Powder Lychee 15g Nutrijell


About This Item
•    Product of Indonesia
•    Halal Certified  Product
•    Lychee Jelly Powder
•    15 gr per order

NUTRIJEL PLAIN clear agar jelly powder 15gr
Instant jelly with NO FLAVOR made with seaweed and konnyaku which contains lots of fiber to produce a chewy, delicious, and healthy jelly.
can be used as an ingredient for making pudding, nutrigel sponge, or a mixture so that the rice becomes fluffier and so on.

1. Mix the nutrijell with a cup of sugar (200g) or according to taste.
2. Add water as much as 31/2 cups (700mL), stir well while heating until boiling.
3. Turn off the heat, let stand 3 minutes. Add fruity acid to it and mix well.
4. Nutrijell is ready to print.

Carrageenan, konnyaku powder, sugar, acidity regulator (potassium citric, citric acid), dietary fiber fructo oligosaccharides, calcium, vitamin D, Lychee flavor, food coloring (tartrazine CI 19140, blue diamond CI 42090).